Featuring: Artists in Queens

Roosevelt Station by David Rothenberg

“Drawing on a series of photographs made between 2019 and 2020 in the Jackson Heights–Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street train station in Queens, New York, Roosevelt Station proves at once mundane and almost ethereal in its tenor. Here, New York photographer David Rothenberg captures his subjects – commuters, airport-bound travellers, panhandlers, missionaries and others – awash in the radiant, cathedral-like light of the station’s concourse, these otherwise candid, rush-hour images assuming an otherworldly theatrical guise.” Perimeter Books

Queensbound: Telling the Stories of Queens

Queensbound collaborative audio project of poets and writers in Queens, New York

As a resident of Queens, I adore the fact this sweet piece of movable, transitory art exists as a way to bring writers together. Queensbound, the audio poetry project founded by KC Trommer, “seeks to connect writers across the borough, showcase and develop a literature of Queens, and reflect the borough back to itself.”

Queensbound originally launched in 2018 with a reading on the 7 train followed by a reception at the Queens Museum. The current version of the map, which features poetry from 12 poets based in Queens, NY, launched in April of 2021 in honor of National Poetry Month.

subway map of poetry in Queens

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